Business Administration Executive MBA

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Business Administration Executive MBA

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Business Administration Executive MBA

The degree program in Business Administration is aimed at professionals and executives who wish to gain a deeper economic know-how. As professionals in business and management With us you can earn an MBA in four semesters - without having to take time off of work and careers. When finished, you are both professionally and methodically prepared for future leadership and management tasks.

Study application-oriented and practical

As a further education course at the EMBA is where your experience and existing knowledge on. In the conceptual focus is therefore the "moderated integration" of their personal knowledge of the participants and its systematic, reflected exchange within the group of participants.

Success formula = expertise methodic competence + Personality Development

Unlike other MBA offers the degree program supports your development as a "networked thinking personality." The course contents are deliberately not structured according to functional areas, although relevant trends and methods are taken up and discussed within the fields of learning.

Through this innovative approach, the course offers ideal conditions for your professional and personal development.

Start with a 'refresher' in the study

To ensure at the beginning of the course all participants an identical commercial knowledge, are so-called "surge modules" in the summer term before the official start of the part-time Master's program (for the first time in the summer semester 2012). This offer is aimed at students who want to prepare optimally for a successful master's program.

For applicants without professional university degree (eg VWA's degree or degrees similar institutions), it is possible to achieve through the successful completion of these modules increase missing credits and thus to secure the right to access the MBA degree.

Successful accreditation

The SRH University is nationally recognized and accredited institutionally by the Science Council.

The accreditation process for the occupational course for Executive Master of Business Administration is completed. On 10 March 2011 he was officially accredited by FIBAA. 

First implementation of the study program: winter semester 2011/12. The increase in modules (March-July) for the first time in the summer term 2012.

Curriculum, Business Administration, Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is divided into six areas of learning and study sections, which are spread over four semesters. Each learning field is based on a specific "mindset", which acts as a content clip.

Unlike traditional management training of Mindset approach draws on the modern teaching philosophy of Henry Mintzberg, the less oriented to operational functions, but rather focuses on the training of success-relevant skills of a manager. Through this concept of learning to enable students to take in a changing work environment management responsibilities and to take forward-looking decisions.

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