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IFA Paris MBA Fashion Management - Luxury Major
IFA Paris

MBA Fashion Management - Luxury Major

24 Months



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EUR 14.800 / per year *

Vermischt, Fernunterricht, Auf dem Campus

* Application fee 150 EUR - Tuition fee: 9500 EUR for the online program


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IFA Paris MBA Certified by FEDE (Fédération Européenne Des Écoles)

  • Duration: 24-month program in English
  • Campuses: Paris, Istanbul
  • Format*: Paris or Istanbul/Paris
  • ECTS Credits: 120
  • Limited to: 25 students per class

*availability of Format(s) may vary from one year to another


More than ever, fashion professionals need to display flexibility and the capacity to adapt to a tougher economic environment, but also to changing consumer trends and shifts in the fashion system, with increasing demand for more sustainable and ethical business practices. Companies are looking for managers that can develop more engaging and social experiences to encourage consumers to connect, and can confidently navigate innovative strategies in a digital environment.

Offered since 2008, our MBA Fashion Management has been completely revamped in order to take full advantage of IFA Paris’ heritage and cultural specificities and our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and in adapting more sustainable practices for the fashion industry.

Our priority: to provide our graduates the excellent marketing and management skills required to navigate this changing landscape. As the industry is gearing towards creating more niches to sustain long-term profitability for its products or services, we have developed THREE majors that achieve a blending between the French traditional savoir-faire and an in-depth understanding of the future needs of the fashion apparel, fashion media, and the luxury industry:

  • Luxury (this program)
  • Apparel
  • Media

Luxury products were traditionally defined through the perspective of rarity. Exclusive raw materials combined with refined and ancestral craftsmanship are value boosters that help command a high price. This definition, while still acceptable, has evolved dramatically as concepts like time, space and experience are now associated to the notion of luxury.

The main industry problematic is to redefine its essence. There are two potential hypotheses:

  • Structural changes are pushing the luxury industry to morph and explode into various, and sometimes paradoxical, ideologies.
  • Structural changes are pushing the luxury industry to initiate a retrenchment to its traditional and secular values, back to its original core.

The MBA in Fashion Management - Luxury Major has been restructured to ensure candidates will reach an optimum level of agility allowing them to navigate the existential crisis the luxury industry is going through.

Our MBA Courses are structured with the ECTS framework in mind as set by the Bologna Convention. Upon completion of their studies participants will gather a total of 120 ECTS that they will be able to transfer if they wish to further their studies. This program is also certified by FEDE (Fédération Européenne Des Écoles).

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This MBA program is also available for online study on our distance learning website IFA Paris - Learn Online. For all the infos on the full online version of this course, visit: MBA Fashion Management - Luxury Major (Online).



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